Sunday, September 2, 2018

Dominica XV after Pentecost

II class

No commemoration of St. Stephen, King and Confessor

General info:

In the SSPX, the External Solemnity of Saint Pius X may be celebrated either this Sunday or next Sunday.

Per the rubrics, one sung and one low Mass, or two low Masses, as votive Masses of the 2nd class, may be celebrated of the feast whose external solemnity is being held.


External Solemnity: Mass of St. Pius X; Gloria; commemoration of the Sunday; Credo; preface of the Holy Trinity.

Other Masses: Mass of the Sunday, Gloria, Credo, preface of the Holy Trinity


Office of Sunday per annum

Matins: Invitatorium and Hymn per annum as given in the psalter; three lessons proper; Te Deum

Lauds: Antiphons and psalms of Sunday (first schema); remainder per annum as given in the psalter; Benedictus antiphon and oration proper

Hours: Antiphons and psalms of Sunday (at Prime, Psalm 117 is used); remainder per annum as given in the psalter; oration proper

I Vespers of St. Pius X (In the SSPX) Of the feast: Antiphons from the Common of a Pope-Confessor, with psalms of Sunday except Psalm 116 for fifth psalm; remainder from the Common; oration proper; commemoration of the Sunday

II Vespers of Sunday (Outside the SSPX): Of the Sunday per annum as given in the psalter; Magnificat antiphon and oration proper

Compline: Of Sunday