The Blessings listed below come from the current Rituale Romanum, which was promulgated by Pope Paul V on 17 June 1614 with the Apostolic Constitution Apostolicæ Sedi. These blessings are the most common ones needed in the course of the Apostolate. Besides these, see the Ritual for other blessings such as those for: pilgrims, ships and fishing vessels, airplanes, bonfires, orchards, vineyards, grapes, eggs, bread, oil, lard, butter and cheese, new fruits, wine, beer, herbs, medicines, chalk, salt and oats, lambs, sheep and goats, horses and other animals, bees, silkworms, birds, seeds and bulbs, bridges, springs, wells, fields and gardens, pastures, stables, granaries, mills, hospitals, sickbeds, and various mechanical apparati, as well as the particular blessings for a number of sacramentals and categories of persons.