Saturday, May 27, 2023

Vigil of Pentecost

I class
White and Red

General info:

The color is White for the hours up to and including None. The color is Red for the Mass, Vespers, and Compline


The Mass is as usual, beginning with the prayers at the foot of the altar, omitting the blessing of the font, which is found in older editions of the Missal

Mass of the Vigil (Red), Gloria, no Credo, preface of the Holy Ghost (with hodierna die), Communicantes and Hanc igitur proper

Note: The reason hodierna die in the Preface and the proper Communicantes and Hanc Igitur are used already at the Vigil is because the Pentecost Vigil historically mirrored the Paschal Vigil very closely and was celebrated Saturday night, leading into Sunday


Matins: Invitatorium and Hymn in Tempore Ascensionis, antiphon Alleluia and psalms of Saturday, three lessons proper (homilia in evangelium diei), Te Deum

Lauds: Antiphon Alleluia and psalms of Saturday (first schema); remainder in Tempore Ascensionis; oration of the preceding Sunday; no preces

Hours: Antiphon Alleluia and psalms of Saturday; remainder in Tempore Ascensionis; oration of the preceding Sunday

I Vespers: Of Pentecost; proper antiphons, with psalms of Sunday except Psalm 116 for fifth psalm; remainder proper

Compline: Of Sunday