Tuesday, December 24, 2024

Vigil of the Nativity of the Lord

I class

General info:

The Season of the Nativity begins with I Vespers


Proper Mass; no Gloria; after Gradual, omit Alleluia and following verse; no Credo; common preface


Matins: Invitatorium Hodie scietis and Hymn in Tempore Adventus; antiphons and psalms of the feria; proper verse; lessons from the homilia in Evangelium diei; no Te Deum

Lauds: Proper Antiphons and Sunday psalms (1st schema); remainder proper

Prime: Antiphon from Lauds, with Sunday psalms (Psalm 53 instead of 117); remainder proper

Hours: Sunday psalms with antiphons from Lauds; remainder proper

I Vespers: Of the Nativity of the Lord; proper antiphons with Sunday psalms, except Ps. 116 as fifth psalm; remainder proper; no commemoration of Sunday

Compline: Of Sunday; Nativity versicle (Post partum) after Marian antiphon until February 1


Traditional day of fast and abstinence; funerals are not permitted