Thursday, December 21, 2017

St. Thomas


II class

General info:

The Feast of St. Thomas takes precedence over the feria, which is commemorated.


Proper Mass; Gloria; commemoration of the feria; Credo; Preface of the Apostles.


Matins: Invitatorium Regem Apostolorum Dominum; Hymn Aeterna Christi munera; psalms and antiphons from the Common of the Apostles; Te Deum

Lauds: Antiphons from the Common of an Apostle with Sunday psalms; Hymn Exultet orbis; commemoration of the feria. Nota bene: For the commemoration of the feria, the Benedictus antiphon is proper to December 21 (printed in the proper section after the III Sunday of Advent): Nolite timere * quinta enim die veniet ad vos Dominus noster.

Hours: Thursday psalms and antiphons

VespersAntiphons and psalms from the Common of an Apostle; commemoration of the feria with antiphon O Oriens (O Antiphons for Advent)

Compline: Of Sunday