Saturday, February 12, 2022

Seven Holy Founders

Confessors (Founders of the Servite Order of the BVM)

III class


Proper Mass Iusti decantaverunt, Gloria, common preface


Some parts of the Office are proper.

Matins: Invitatorium Regem Confessorum; Proper Hymn Bella dum; lessons 1 and 2 (second and third joined) from occurring scripture, lesson 3 of the feast; Te Deum

Lauds: Ferial antiphons and psalms; remainder proper

Hours: Ferial antiphons and psalms; remainder proper

I Vespers: Of the following Sunday; antiphons and psalms of Saturday; remainder per annum as given in the psalter; proper Magnificat antiphon and oration; Vespers is ended with Benedicamus Domino double Alleluia

Compline: Of Saturday