Thursday, July 1, 2021

Feast of the Most Precious Blood (First Thursday)

I class

General info:

The First Thursday votive Mass may not be said, but the devotions for the sanctification of the clergy may certainly still be held


Mass of the Feast; Gloria; Credo; preface of the Holy Cross


Matins: All proper, including antiphons and psalms, and lessonsĀ of the 3 nocturns; Te Deum

Lauds: Proper antiphons, with Sunday psalms (1st scheme); remainder is proper

Prime: Proper antiphon, with Sunday psalms; Psalm 53 instead of 117; responsory Qui tuo nos sanguine redemisti

Hours: Proper antiphons, with Sunday psalms; remainder is proper

II Vespers: Proper antiphons, with Sunday psalms except Psalm 147 Lauda Ierusalem for fifth psalm; remainder is proper

Compline: Of Sunday