Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thursday in the Octave of Easter

I class

Commemoration of the Greater Litanies (in the Mass only), but not of St. Mark

General info:

Today the Greater Litanies occur. This Rogation day is commemorated in the Mass (privileged commemoration), but has no connection to the Office. The II class Rogation Mass which would ordinarily follow the procession is precluded by the I class day in the Octave of Easter. The procession may be held (even if unfitting during the Octave), with the Octave day Mass to follow (cf. Rubricae generales, 347). Those bound to the recitation of the Divine Office are nevertheless obliged to pray the Litany of the Saints today; if prayed outside of the procession or the public supplications which might take its place, this must be in Latin.


Proper Mass; sequence Victimae paschali; Preface of Easter with in hac potissimum die and proper Communicantes and Hanc igitur; Ite, Missa est with double Alleluia, all of which continues throughout the Octave.


The hymn and capitulum are not said in any of the Offices; the versicle is only said during Matins. A double Alleluia after Benedicamus Domino occurs only at Lauds and Vespers.

Matins: All as on Easter Sunday; nocturn lessons proper; proper oration; Te Deum

Lauds: All as on Easter Sunday: Proper antiphons and Sunday psalms (1st scheme); Haec dies; proper antiphon at Benedictus and proper oration

Prime: All as on Easter Sunday: Hymn is omitted and office is begun with Sunday psalms (psalm 53); Haec dies; short lesson Si consurrexistis

Hours: All as on Easter Sunday: Hymn is omitted and office is begun with Sunday psalms; Haec dies, proper oration

Vespers: All as on Easter Sunday: Proper antiphons and Sunday psalms; Haec dies; proper antiphon at Magnificat and proper oration

Compline: As on Easter Sunday. Marian antiphon Regina caeli


Christus resurrexit! Resurrexit vere!
Christ is Risen! He is truly Risen!
Chrystus zmartwychwstał! Prawdziwie zmartwychwstał!