Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Feria IV after Dominica I of Advent

III class

Commemoration of St. Sabbas (Abbot)


Mass of the 1st Sunday of Advent; no Gloria or Credo; commemoration of St. Sabbas; omit Alleluia with following verse; common Preface


Matins: Invitatorium Regem venturum Dominum; Hymn Verbum supernum; ferial psalms and antiphons; no Te Deum

Lauds: Ferial psalms and antiphons of the 2nd schema; Hymn En clara vox; commemoration of St. Sabbas; preces are said

Hours: Ferial psalms with antiphons of the 1st week of Advent

Vespers: Ferial psalms and antiphons; Hymn Creator Alme siderum; preces are said

Compline: Of the feria