Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Immaculate Conception

I class

Holy Day of Obligation in the USA

The feast takes precedence over the Advent Sunday


Proper Mass; Gloria; Credo; commemoration of the Sunday; preface of the Blessed Virgin Mary Et te in Conceptione immaculata


Matins: Invitatorium Immaculatam Conceptionem; Hymn Praeclara custos; 3 Nocturns, all proper; Te Deum

Lauds: Sunday psalms of the 1st scheme with the proper antiphons of the Feast; Hymn O gloriosa virginum; commemoration of the Sunday

Prime: Ps 53 instead of Ps 117, verseĀ Qui natus es, short lesson of Advent: Domine, miserere

Hours: Sunday psalms with antiphons from Lauds

II Vespers: Psalms from the Common with antiphons from Lauds; Hymn Ave, maris stella; commemoration of the Sunday

Compline: Of Sunday