Thursday, January 6, 2022

The Epiphany of the Lord

I class

General info:

The First Thursday votive Mass may not be said, but the customary devotions in honor of the Priesthood may certainly still be held. Funeral Masses are not permitted


Proper Mass of the Feast; Gloria; Credo; proper preface; and proper Communicantes


Matins: The Invitatory and Hymn are not said. Begin immediately with 1st psalm antiphon Afferte; 3 Nocturns; the 7th psalm (at the beginning of the 3rd nocturn) is formatted like an invitatory, with the antiphon repeating throughout, as printed in its place; omit psalm 86 and continue with the 8th and 9th psalms as usual; Te Deum.

Lauds: Proper antiphons and Sunday psalms; Hymn O Sola magnarum.

Prime: Instead of Psalm 117 Confitemini, use Psalm 53 (ut in festis); verse Qui apparuisti; short lesson Omnes de Saba

Hours: Sunday psalms with antiphons from Lauds

II Vespers: Proper antiphons with Sunday psalms; remainder proper

Compline: Of Sunday