Sunday, February 17, 2019

Dominica in Septuagesima

II class

General info:

For Septuagesima:

The seasonal color is Violet; the Alleluia is not pronounced in any part of the sacred liturgy, neither in the Mass nor in the Office (note especially the use of Laus tibi, Domine instead of Alleluia at the beginning of each hour); the Gloria and Te Deum are not used on ferial days of this season; the tract is not said on ferial days, but is used when the Mass is of a Sunday, feast day, or votive.

To review the complete seasonal notes and regulations for the time of Septuagesima, click on the Season icon at the bottom of the page.


Mass of Septuagesima Sunday; Gloria is omitted; Tract; Credo; preface of the Holy Trinity


Office of Sunday per annum

Matins: Invitatorium Praeoccupemus; Hymn Primo die; 9 antiphons and 9 psalms of Sunday; 3 lessons of feast; no Te Deum

Lauds: Proper antiphons with Sunday psalms of the 2nd scheme; remainder proper

Prime: Psalm 53 replaces psalm 117; short lesson Dominus autem

Hours: Sunday psalms with antiphons from Lauds

II Vespers: Psalms of Sunday; remainder proper


Announce that the faithful should bring in their blessed palms from last Palm Sunday during the next two weeks, so that these may be burned to make the ashes for Ash Wednesday.