Sunday, April 1, 2018

Dominica Resurrectionis

I class, with a I class octave

General info:

The Regina caeli (standing) replaces the Angelus through noon of the Saturday in the Octave of Pentecost.

The Vidi aquam replaces the Asperges through Pentecost Sunday inclusive.

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The blessing of meals during the Octave, until lunch of Sabbato in Albis, is:
V. Haec dies quam fecit Dominus, Alleluia.
R. Exsultemus et laetemur in ea, Alleluia.
(Cf. reliqua in Benedictio mensae in the Ritual or in the appendix of the Breviary).


Mass of Easter Sunday; Vidi Aquam for aspersion; sequence Victimae paschali; Preface of Easter with in hac potissimum die and proper Communicantes and Hanc igitur; Ite, Missa est with double Alleluia, all of which continues throughout the Octave.


Nota bene: For those who have participated in the Paschal Vigil, Matins and Lauds are not said.

All is proper to the feast. The hymn and capitulum are not said in any of the Offices; the versicle is only said during Matins. A double Alleluia after Benedicamus Domino occurs only at Lauds and Vespers.

Matins: Invitatorium Surrexit Dominus; 1 nocturn; Te Deum

Lauds: Proper antiphons and Sunday psalms (1st scheme); Haec dies; Benedictus Et valde

Prime: Hymn is omitted and office is begun with Sunday psalms (psalm 53); Haec dies; short lesson Si consurrexistis

Hours: Hymn is omitted and office is begun with Sunday psalms; Haec dies

II Vespers: Proper antiphons and Sunday psalms; Haec dies; Magnificat Et respicientes

Compline: Of the feast. Marian antiphon Regina caeli


Christus resurrexit! Resurrexit vere!
Christ is Risen! He is truly Risen!
Chrystus zmartwychwstał! Prawdziwie zmartwychwstał!