Sunday, June 3, 2018

Dominica II after Pentecost, External Solemnity Corpus Christi

II class

External Solemnity of Corpus Christi may be held in USA

General info:

The Corpus Christi procession may be held today with the External Solemnity. The Blessed Sacrament is processed under a canopy. Additional altars of repose may be used along the procession route, with Benediction given there. (In hot regions the altars of repose are often deferred until the procession of Christ the King in October.) The final Benediction is given upon return to the church. The procession route should be decorated if possible; frequently carpets are fashioned out of flower petals or colored sawdust arranged in devotional designs. If the procession cannot be held outdoors, it may be held around the interior perimeter of the church.


External Solemnity: Mass of Corpus Christi; Gloria; no commemoration of Sunday; Sequence Lauda Sion, Credo; preface of the season (Holy Trinity).

In the Mass preceding the Procession, a second Host is consecrated and exposed in the Monstrance after Communion and before the ablutions. The remainder of the Mass continues coram Sanctissimo. Benedicamus Domino is said and the Last Gospel omitted, before the Procession departs.

Other Masses: Mass of the Sunday, Gloria, Credo, preface of the Holy Trinity


Office of Sunday per annum

Matins: Invitatorium and Hymn per annum as given in the psalter; three lessons proper; Te Deum

Lauds: Antiphons and psalms of Sunday (first schema); remainder per annum as given in the psalter; Benedictus antiphon and oration proper

Hours: Antiphons and psalms of Sunday (at Prime, Psalm 117 is used); remainder per annum as given in the psalter; oration proper

II Vespers: Antiphons and psalms of Sunday; remainder per annum as given in the psalter; Magnificat antiphon and oration proper

Compline: Of Sunday