Saturday, January 19, 2019

B. V. M. on Saturday

IV class

Commemoration of Sts. Marius, Martha, Audifax, and Abachum, Martyrs, and of St. Canute, King and Martyr


Mass of the B.V.M. on Saturday (White), Gloria, no Credo, preface of the B.V.M. with Et te in veneratione, commemorations of St. Marius et al and of St. Canute, under same conclusion


Mass of St. Marius et al. (Red), Gloria, no Credo, common preface, commemoration of St. Canute


Mass of St. Canute (Red), Gloria, no Credo, common preface, commemoration of St. Marius et al.


Matins: Invitatorium and Hymn from BVM on Saturday; first two lessons from occurring scripture (second and third joined); third lesson of BVM on Saturday, mense ianuarioTe Deum

Lauds: Antiphons and psalms of the feria (first schema); remainder of BVM on Saturday, commemoration added

Hours: Antiphons and psalms of the feria; remainder of BVM on Saturday; in Prime responsory Qui natus es

I Vespers: Of the following Sunday; antiphons and psalms of Saturday; remainder per annum as given in the psalter; proper oration

Compline: Of Saturday