Monday, April 9, 2018

Annunciation of the B.V.M

I class

Transferred from March 25


Mass of the Annunciation; Gloria; Credo; Preface of the B.V.M with Et te in Annuntiatione


Matins: Invitatorium Ave Maria; proper hymn; antiphons–except the antiphon of the 3rd nocturn–psalms, and verses of the three nocturns are from the Common of feasts of the B.V.M.; only one antiphon, with Alleluia added, is used per nocturn; the nine lessons and the antiphon of the 3rd nocturn are proper; Te Deum

Lauds: Proper antiphons, with Sunday psalms (1st scheme); remainder is proper

Prime: Proper antiphon, with Sunday psalms; Ps 53 instead of 117; verse Qui natus es

Hours: Proper antiphons, with Sunday psalms; remainder is proper

Vespers: Proper antiphons, with psalms from the Common of the B.V.M.; remainder is proper

Compline: Of Sunday